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Far and away the best prize life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Work Worth Doing is a boutique advisory / investment firm that provides commercial, funding and strategic advice with an emphasis on linking private investors to government supported initiatives in order to provide a platform for innovative projects and front-line services to be delivered.

We have extensive experience in all aspects of a project's lifecycle, however we typically concentrate on the front end of a project, taking that initial idea and creating a commercial and financial framework to allow the idea to be turned into reality.
This brings us to our name. “Work Worth Doing”. Some might recognise the phrase, it originates from a Theodore Roosevelt speech given to a New York Labor Day crowd in 1906.
In broad terms the address speaks of people working together to deal with common social problems and Roosevelt rallies the audience to work together because “Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing; and this is a prize open to everyone”

Today the word “work” has come to mean something to be avoided as much as possible for many people who approach hard work begrudgingly. But we here at WWD believe there’s value in work. Not just for the money you can earn, but from the person you get to become through it. Hard work draws out talents and capacities that may otherwise have lain dormant.


What We Do
We here at WWD are all about growing business, and we typically focus on opportunities that sit at the fringe of Government.
What do we mean by Fringe?
Government has always been required to work with the private sector. But, as the public policy environment becomes more challenging and government budgets become more constrained that relationship becomes critical.
We call this public / private overlap the “Fringe of Government” 
Those activities that exist in the fringe of government include market led proposals, grants, incentives, non financial support and government contracts awarded though tender.

The fringe of government space is not well understood and we believe has enormous potential, not just for investors but also to governments who, with guidance and collaboration from the private sector, have the opportunity to create more robust government policy

Current Projects 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


José Coulson is a project financing, venture capital and private equity enthusiast

His career started back in 2002 when he found himself workings as part of the core management team for an independent oil-trading and transport company in Kazakhstan.

After living in Kazakhstan for 2 years José moved to London, taking a role with a venture capital and private equity group. As Investment Manager, he was responsible for managing the company’s relationships with key investors, arranged transactions and oversaw financing. The firm worked as project developers, financiers, promoters and investors in a wide range of industries including natural resources, property and mining.

Upon moving back to Australia, José worked on some of the region’s most significant LNG gas projects. As Project Finance Lead for Australia Pacific LNG, he had overall responsibility for securing the first ever CSG-LNG Project Financing deal which saw $8.5 billion of debt raised from a syndicate of Export Credit Agencies and international commercial banks. He then worked for Senex Energy, providing strategic commercial and financial analysis and support to all corporate and funding-based decisions.

José holds a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting and Finance and a Bachelor of Business Management, majoring in International Business. 


José Coulson

Who We Are 

Gerard Paynter


Gerard Paynter is the Executive Director of WWD. Gerard has extensive experience in capital markets and working with government.

Gerard worked for Ord Minnett for close to 15 years where he developed an understanding of investors, assets and capital markets.

In 2013 Gerard was asked to manage the Queensland’s Office of national government relations firm Barton Deakin.  While at Barton Deakin he developed his understanding of government and the opportunities that exist at its fringe.

While at Barton Deakin, Gerard has been involved in some of Queensland’s largest government related transactions.

These include working with Bombardier on the New Generation Rolling Stock being the largest procurement in Queensland history and with Motorola / Telstra on the Government Wireless Network, the largest ICT procurement in Queensland history.

Gerard has a special interest in how projects can be developed leveraging government support.

He chaired the recent National Public Private Partnership conference in Sydney and is often asked to advise or speak on the relationship between government and business.

Gerard is also the Chairman of the Funder’s Taskforce of the Infrastructure Association of Queensland.

Gerard Paynter

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